About me.




Yes. I am Simone. This is how my name is pronounced and somehow this ended up to be my name on the internet ever since I started my online presence.

This blog was started in June 2007 when I needed a place to share my creative endeavors and wanted to interact with other creative bloggers. In between I also used it to promote my business as a designer of colorful children's clothing. At this point it mostly functions as a hub to direct you to my instagram and youtube channel. Whatever reason brought you here:

I am so happy you found me! Welcome!


  1. Hallo Simone, ich finde Deinen Blog-Namen sehr schön. Bis eben, als ich die Erklärung zur Herkunft gelesen habe, dachte ich immer, es bedeutet "sew my own way" also quasi "Ich nähe auf meine eigene Art und Weise". Doch auch hübsch, oder?! Liebe Grüße und mach weiter so.

  2. Hallo Simone!

    Ich bin auch Simone... Simsey ist ein Spitzname, den mir vor Jahren mein kleiner Cousin gab! Seemownay find ich cool! ♥♥♥

    Schön, bei Dir zu lesen!

    Liebes Grüßl von

  3. Hi,
    Wondering if you have ever done a video explaining how to navigate cocoadaisy. I can't seem to figure all the kits and add ones and what each includes. 😂